Problem & Solution

Solution: Replace a standard phone interview with a blind interview

Why Blind Interviews?

Most of us rarely interact in real life (IRL). IRL meaning human to human/person to person: We text through many avenues…

How do icons guide us and impact our day-to-day lives?

As we become more and more globally connected, icons help bridge…

Patterns and Flows

A site that I browse often is Etsy. It’s my “respectable” shopping site, compared to the giant e-commerce sites, that undercut competitors, and instead supports small businesses.

Etsy’s website follows typical e-commerce website patterns. On the landing page, there are various categories you can click on the…

With Instagram’s latest update, I’ve noticed some of the newer aspects of the update are actually quite frustrating. I’d like to go over some of these aspects with you.

Lack of clarity of new icons

What are all these icons used for?

When going to post a story, there have been times when I have had to search what some of the icons…

Goal: To create a landing page for an online plant store. I am to understand the user to ensure that I include their needs when building out a landing page.

Interview Questions:

  • Let them know about a 20-minute recorded interview about their plant buying habits
  • Say anything goes/make comfortable/no wrong…

Think about what the faulty assumptions that contributed to the failure.

So called failure: Implementing Crowlers into my brewery’s tasting room

There is a drinking/holding vessel called a Crowler. A Crowler is a 32oz aluminum can that holds beer. Two pints of beer. You’ll see Crowlers in places that are…

  • What’s the difference between what makes a product good vs. great?

To me, the main difference of what makes a product good versus great really depends on how convenient the product is and how it makes me feel. It needs to be convenient to learn and convenient to keep using…

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