Houseplanted: Plant Buying Research

Goal: To create a landing page for an online plant store. I am to understand the user to ensure that I include their needs when building out a landing page.

Interview Questions:


  • Let them know about a 20-minute recorded interview about their plant buying habits
  • Say anything goes/make comfortable/no wrong answers
  • Ask for clarification if needed
  • Ask a little about the person:
  • Where they live
  • Hobbies
  • Age
  • What they do as a living- to help find a link as to why they like plants

Methods and preferences of purchasing:

  • How often do you shop for plants?
  • How do you shop for plants?
  • What’s your preferred way of acquiring plants? And why or why not?
  • What are your thoughts about online shopping?
  • What would you like to see improved for the shopping experience?
  • What are some mistakes/errors you’ve run into when buying plants?
  • What methods do you use to purchase plants? As in, how do you gather your information on what to buy?

Reasons for buying:

  • Why do you buy plants?
  • When you shop for plants, what considerations do you have when shopping?
  • What’s most important for when you buy?
  • What’s least important for when you buy?
  • What types of plants do you buy and why?

How do you maintain? Who takes care of the plants? (To see their care process and if they get help.)

Where do they put them (To see what considerations are taken according to space.)

What else do you shop for when buying plants?

Can you provide concrete shops?

Tell me about the last time you shopped for a plant?


  • Ask if they have any additional questions or comments
  • Thank them for their time
  • Let them know you’re ending the recording

Interview Takeaways:

Summary of participant characteristics. Each interview was about a 20 minute recorded phone call.

Overall Summary:

They all like browsing in the actual store, which has impeded their move to online shopping. It gives them something to do by going into the store. It’s part of the hobby.

They all want to be able to tell the health of the plant before buying, which all feel they need to see the plant in person to be able to discern.

Each participant said they like the feeling of having something to nurture and take care of, feel responsible for. All feel guilty when the plant dies.

Space is an issue for everyone, even the one participant that doesn’t live in an apartment.

With all participants, the overall frustration was not knowing which plants to buy. One didn’t know how her new climate affects her plants, and which new plants to buy that will thrive in this climate. Two others didn’t know which to buy due to sunlight concerns. One expressed that it would be helpful to know the longevity of the plant, like how big it would grow, and whether the species they were buying would sprout babies, as not all species of that plant do. Another expressed it would be helpful to know what plants were suitable based on the exact location of where they’d be buying plants.

Also, an overarching theme, besides actually like going plant shopping, they’re reluctant to online shop due to shipping a plant. They’re concerned about overall delivery methods.

Surprisingly, the price was a factor, but not a key concern on the effect of purchasing plants. This is likely due to the overall opinion that having plants enhances the environment and provides something to nurture, which outweighs cost concerns.

Research Debrief

A concise summary of overall conclusions of all four interviews.


  • Keep their plants alive
  • Enriched environments
  • Use plants for cooking
  • Understand how to maintain plants better
  • Know which plants will work in their environments
  • Be cool/have cool environments


  • Space
  • Proper sunlight
  • Nature
  • The assurance plant will arrive intact from online ordering
  • Simply knowing which plants to buy that will survive in their living environments
  • Knowing how big the plant will get long term
  • Knowing the plant is healthy before buying
  • Knowing how to assess the health of the plant at any state
  • Someone that’s knowledgeable to guide them on which plants to buy and address concerns/problems after buying them
  • Comfort from the plants’ presence
  • More fun pots/accessories that aren’t too costly


  • Not knowing enough about the plant before buying
  • Not understanding why a plant dies when it does
  • Plants dying, especially after having taken care of them for a long time
  • Lack of variety with accessories
  • High shipping costs
  • Not being able to return plants


  • Wants to have responsibility
  • Wants to nurture
  • Hobbying/something to do/somewhere to go
  • To get better at understanding plants
  • To keep the plants alive
  • Not spend too much
  • Support small businesses
  • To enrich their environments
  • To get better at knowing which plants will work in their environments
  • To look cool


And now I present to you Paige. My research findings in persona format. Paige will be my viewpoint for any decisions I make about Houseplanted. It’s all about what Paige needs and wants from here on out.

UX Designer, just keeping it real